DFW Chair Massage Therapist Spotlight

Deborah Leal

Deborah Leal

Deborah Leal is a licensed Massage Therapist with seven years of experience. Her specialties include Myofascial Release, Reiki, Swedish Massage, and Shiatsu.

"I was always that person in my office that went around massaging people's shoulders. One of my friends kept pestering me to go to massage school, so I did. Massage is the coolest profession because we get to make people happy. It is the greatest feeling when a client gets up from a massage with a whole new attitude. It is truly a joy and privilege to aid in another's healing."
----- Deborah Leal

Deborah's other interests include traveling to the beach, reading, and relaxing with friends. She has just enrolled in a Spanish class, so wish her, "buena suerte!", (good luck).

For more information about Deborah or to get in touch with her, please contact us.

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