Corporate Massage Services

Corporate Chair Massage Services

Chair Massage integrates easily into your workplace, making it easy for you to offer the healthy benefits of chair massage at your company. Chair Massage is specifically suited to relieve stress in high-tension areas and promote a renewed sense of energy, well-being & vitality.

Chair Massage visits are an effective way to ease tension and boost productivity during stressful periods or special "pushes".

Retail Massage Services

Retail Massage Services

DFW Chair Massage offers regularly scheduled chair massage at retail and hospitality locations in North Texas. We currently have standard hours at several retail locations. Some of those locations are also featured on this site.

On-site chair massage at your retail location brings in loyal, repeat customers who tend to browse and purchase before and after their massage. 

Event Massage Services

Event Chair Massage Services

DFW Chair Massage is also available for special events to give attendees the opportunity for a calming, relaxing, and refreshing interlude that will increase their enjoyment and alertness. 

Examples of some events that might benefit from the addition of chair massage on-site would include:

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