Event Massage Services

Event Chair Massage Services

DFW Chair Massage is also available for special events to give attendees the opportunity for a calming, relaxing, and refreshing interlude that will increase their enjoyment and alertness. 

Examples of some events that might benefit from the addition of chair massage on-site would include:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows: Give conference attendees and speakers a chance to release that back and neck tension between speakers.  At trade shows, drive traffic to and around your booth by offering chair massage.  Those waiting for their massage will linger for your presentation and browse your displays.
  • Employee Appreciation Days: Include chair massage as part of your employee appreciation days to show them that you care about their well-being.
  • Corporate Wellness Program: Massage therapy has many benefits to employees in the workplace, relaxing tension, increasing circulation, and promoting alertness. Schedule regular on-site therapists to provide these revitalizing benefits to your employees during the workday.
  • Sporting Events: At marathons, golf tournaments, and other sporting events, both participants and spectators can gain benefit from a relaxing massage.
  • Client or Vendor "Thank You": Send your client or vendor a day of massage for their entire office and secure your place in their memory.
  • Promotions or Launches: Include chair massage at your store, product or promotion launch to garner additional attention and ensure that people will linger.

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